2014 San Diego State University Crime Map

2014 Map of Campus  Community Crime Alerts from around the San Diego State University Campus.

All data is provided from the SDSU Police Bulletins

Except from February 2014 SDSU News Center Article by Alyson Faucett “The Jeanne Clery Act requires the Police Department to send out a crime alert anytime there is a threat to the university community. Alerts are not sent out if the suspect has already been caught or if there is no potential for the crime to happen again.

Lately, the vast majority of crime alerts have concerned robberies related to Apple iPhone theft. According to Mays, thieves are drawn to Apple products not only because they are expensive to purchase initially, but also because they hold their resale value.

The police are referring to this national trend as “Apple picking,” and it has been happening across the country for several years. However, that is not to say that these crimes can’t be avoided.”